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Each educational session will be available for on-demand viewing within 48 hours of its live presentation. PLUS, the Convention virtual platform will be available until December 31, 2020.

Now Available – Convention Program Book! For those of you who look forward to perusing our convention program book at our in-person events, you can now enjoy the same read for the virtual event.

This year’s line-up includes not one, not two, but THREE keynote speakers at the opening session! And NEW this year, SIX skills based training sessions. These new sessions give you the nuts and bolts training you need to keep your board and district running smoothly.

You’ll learn about the latest on topics such as COVID-19 financial implications and employment related issues, equity, staff diversity, cultural awareness, student mental health, school safety, and the latest updates on school law. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear and share your vision for education!

General educational sessions are offered in groups of related sessions, called strands. Attend all of the sessions featured in one strand or try a sampling from several different strands.

This year’s strands include:

  • Board Governance
  • Community Relations and School Improvement
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity
  • Finance and Facilities
  • Health, Safety and School Climate
  • Rural Schools
  • School Law/Employee Relations
  • Skills Based Training
  • Student Achievement

Session speakers range from superintendents to board members, from leading experts in their respective fields to representatives from the state entities you regularly interact with.

Board Governance
Sponsored by The ECG Group

  • Board Strategies for Avoiding Negative Audit Headlines
  • Snapshot 10: NYS Superintendent Study
  • Boards and Superintendents Working Together Toward a Culture of Excellence

Community Relations and School Improvement
Sponsored by The Palombo Group

  • Clear, Consistent, Confident Communications
  • Strategic Planning to Inspire, Engage and Achieve!
  • Systemic Improvement Through Stakeholder Engagement & Partnership
  • The Best Candidate: Inclusive, Competency-Based Hiring
  • Using Social Media to Celebrate School Success

Cultural Awareness and Diversity
Sponsored by Mosaic Associates Architects

  • Culturally Responsive Curriculum Programs
  • Helping Central American Students
  • Model for Equity in Opportunities and Outcomes
  • My Brother’s Keeper
  • Promoting Cultural Awareness Between Segregated School Districts
  • Reaching Equity Through Practitioner Belief Systems
  • Staff Diversity to Benefit Students
  • The Journey Toward Equity: The Ossining Story

Finance and Facilities
Sponsored by Campus Construction Management Group, Inc.

  • COVID-19 School District Budget & Financial Implications
  • Understanding School Finance: Foundation Aid

Health, Safety and School Climate
Sponsored by CSArch Architecture Engineering Construction Management

  • Building a Trauma-Sensitive School Culture
  • Implementing the ED Climate Surveys
  • In-School Based Health Centers: Case Study
  • Mental Health and School Safety
  • School Counseling Programs for Student Mental Health
  • You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

Rural Schools

  • An Agenda for Rural Schools
  • Equity for Rural Upstate Students
  • Rural Research Practice Partnerships for Continuous Improvement
  • The Future of Work: Are Schools Ready?

School Law/Employee Relations
Sponsored by Utica National Insurance Group

  • Bullying and Students with Disabilities
  • Collective Bargaining: Déjà Vu or Evolving?
  • Combating Student Substance Abuse: The Legal Landscape
  • Employee Discipline for Off-School Conduct
  • Employee and Student Mental Health
  • Mock Section 3020-a Hearing
  • Pandemic-Related Employment Issues
  • School Data Privacy and Security
  • School Elections: A Looming New Horizon?
  • Special Education: A Primer

Skills Based Training
Sponsored by BBS Architects, Landscape Architects & Engineers, PC

  • Anatomy of District Goal Setting
  • Board Officers Roundtable
  • Conducting Fair and Unbiased Superintendent Evaluations
  • Policy Round-Up: Yearly Review and Hot Topics
  • Strategies for Effective Board Meetings

Student Achievement

  • Effective Practices of Achievement Gap-Closing Districts

All educational session descriptions and schedule can be found here.

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