Educational Sessions

Are you ready for three jam-packed days of learning?

With more than 100 general educational sessions, keynote and featured speakers, we guarantee you’ll leave with all the information you need to help make decisions at the board table.

Learn about the latest trends or receive a refresher on important basics as they relate to a wide variety of topics important to you. General educational sessions are offered in groups of related sessions, called strands. New this year is the School Solutions strand where exhibitors discuss solutions to issues that matter most to your school districts. Attend all of the sessions featured in one strand or try a sampling from several different strands.

Review session descriptions and use the schedule at a glance to plan your Convention experience.

This year’s strands include:

  • Board Governance
  • Community Relations and School Improvement
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity
  • Emerging Educational Trends and Timely Debate
  • Finance and Facilities
  • Health, Safety and School Climate
  • Rural Schools
  • School Law/Employee Relations
  • School Solutions
  • Student Achievement
  • Technology

Session speakers range from your peers, fellow board members, to leading experts in their respective fields to representatives from the state entities you regularly interact with.

If you attend only one educational event this year, make sure it’s NYSSBA’s 100th Annual Convention & Education Expo!

Board Governance

  • Anatomy Of District Goal Setting
  • Board Officers Roundtable
  • Conducting Fair & Unbiased Superintendent Evaluations
  • Delegate Orientation
  • Find A Superintendent In Six Months
  • Focusing On Competence: Developing Superintendent Interview Questions
  • Inoculate Your District From “The Just Disease”
  • Managing Conflict: The Courage To Listen
  • Responding To The Toughest BOE Questions
  • Shared Leadership - The School Board/Superintendent Partnership
  • Using Complex Data To Enhance Strategic Planning

Community Relations and School Improvement

  • Burying The "I" In Leadership
  • Crisis Communication: Monitoring & Securing Social Media
  • Implementing The New NYS School Counseling Regulations
  • Meeting Expectations: Communicating With Parents In 2019
  • NYSSBA Advocacy Liaison Network
  • Odds-Beating Research & Continuously Improving School Systems
  • Problem Based Learning: An Evolving Initiative
  • Rebranding A District: Our New Story
  • Removing Non-Academic Barriers To Success
  • School Board: Are You Listening?

Cultural Awareness and Diversity

  • A Culture Of Love
  • Activating The Power Of Student Voice
  • Building A Systemic Equity Framework
  • Building Diverse Teams Through Visioning & Mentoring
  • Creating A Culture Of Equity
  • Disproportionality In Suspension In NYC
  • Implicit Bias: Who Knew?
  • Leading Organizational Transformation Related To Inclusivity
  • My Brother's Keeper Movement: Equity In Action
  • Planting SEEDS Of Diversity & Equity
  • Reducing Stereotypes & Promoting Inclusivity In Childhood
  • The Whole Child Approach: Through Immigrant Eyes

Emerging Educational Trends and Timely Debate

  • A New Look At Homework
  • Animal Assisted Interventions For Improved Student Outcomes
  • Hot Topics In Policy
  • Personalizing The Learning To Meet ESSA Expectations
  • Raising Student Voice & Participation
  • Redefining Ready! New York Style

Finance and Facilities

  • Advancing Learning Environments From The Inside Out
  • Designing A Successful Capital Project Vote
  • District Cost Savings Through Shared Services & Collaboration
  • District Data Reporting For Finances
  • Reading & Understanding The District's Financial Statements
  • School Facilities: Invest One Dollar, Save Four
  • Understanding School Finance: Foundation Aid
  • Why My School Spends Less Than Yours

Health, Safety and School Climate

  • Accepting & Celebrating The LGBTQ Student
  • Better Attendance, Grades & Behavior With Food
  • Creating A Diversion Program For Disruptive Students
  • Demystifying The School Psychologist’s Role
  • Developing Scenario-Based Emergency Response Drills
  • Keeping Our Schools Safe: A Comprehensive Approach
  • Measuring School Climate
  • Mental Health First Aid Training For Employees
  • Mental Health Task Force: Support Through Collaboration
  • Mental Health/Safety In 21st Century Schools
  • Restorative Practices: Establishing Policy & Systemic Implementation
  • School Security
  • Student Leadership In An Elementary School Setting
  • Telemedicine: The Future Of Student Health Care
  • The Mental Health Initiative: Leading The Way
  • Threat Assessment Teams To Prevent School Violence

Rural Schools

  • C.O.L.T.S. Days Educational Programming
  • Farm To School: Planting Seeds Of Success
  • Promoting Community Engagement In A Rural District
  • Space & Its Impact On Academic Success
  • Using STEM Partnerships To Increase Student Experiences
  • Wearing Many Hats: Leveraging Connections

School Law/Employee Relations

  • A Legal Guide To School Board Meetings Do’s & Don’ts
  • Avoiding District Election & Budget Vote Challenges
  • Differences & Commonalities Of IDEA & Section 504
  • Free Speech In The Era Of Social Media
  • Navigating Probationary Appointments & Tenure
  • Responding To Allegations Of Child Abuse In School
  • Student Cyberbullying: School District Responsibility & Liability
  • The Legal Framework Of School Board & Superintendent Relations
  • The Varying Landscape Of Employment Discrimination
  • What’s New & What’s The Same In Collective Bargaining

School Solutions

  • Communicating ESSA Report Cards To Improve Schools
  • Community Engagement: How Well Are We Doing?
  • Long Range Financial Planning
  • Making Sense: Generating Better Board Decisions
  • Multi-Dimensional Wellness & Mental Health: Ignite Potential
  • Navigating Cybersecurity Threats
  • Re-Writing The Renewable Energy Playbook For Schools
  • Securing Our Schools In An Uncertain World
  • SuperEval: Evaluations For School Boards & Superintendents
  • Taking “Career Ready” To The Next Level
  • Taking Cooperative Procurement To The Next Level
  • US Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP)

Student Achievement

  • A Neuropsychological Perspective On Social Emotional Learning
  • Data Use For Accountability & Student Achievement
  • Enhance Health Career Programs With Virtual Reality
  • Establishing Quality Education For English Language Learners
  • Making Cost Effective Staffing Decisions
  • Standards-Based Grading Meets Next Gen Standards
  • The Academic Impacts Of Dual Enrollment
  • The Fab-5 That Sent Graduation Rates Soaring


  • Building A School Community Through Technology
  • Full STEAM Ahead
  • Protecting Student Data & Privacy In Today’s Digital Classrooms
  • Rethinking Professional Learning In The Digital Age
  • Social Media Guidance For School Board Members
  • Utilizing 1:1 Devices In Inclusive Classrooms
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