Educational Sessions

Lean into learning at Convention.

One of the great things about Convention is the opportunity to gain insight into issues that are relevant to your work at the board table. The knowledge and information you bring back to your district will leave you ready to face new challenges as we recover from the pandemic. Choose from 50+ education sessions across four different presentation models.

  1. Learning Lab – A 75-minute workshop designed to provoke critical thought and discussion, create reflection, ask focused questions and spur collaboration. Learning Labs cover four different subject areas:
    • Board Governance - Sponsored by Campus Construction Management Group Inc
    • Community Engagement & Collaboration - Sponsored by Mosaic Associates Architects
    • Culturally Responsive Schools - Sponsored by CSArch Architecture Engineering Construction Management
    • Social Emotional Learning
  2. Student Town Hall – A 75-minute highly interactive discussion presenting student perspectives around specific topics. A facilitator will open and close these sessions, but they will feature a robust Q&A between attendees and students.
  3. Tag Team Talk – A 30-minute, TED-style talk by two presenters that focuses on one idea. No podium, no notes, just an engaging presentation imparting insight into building relationships, district unity or good governance, based on a student or district success story.
  4. The Solution Room – Commercial companies share industry expertise in engaging 75-minute sessions. Educational, not sales focused, in nature, the sessions will feature Q&A periods to provoke critical thinking and may include member district case studies.

Educational sessions will be held at the Oncenter, located at 800 S. State Street and the Marriott Syracuse Downtown hotel located at 100 East Onondaga Street.

View the complete schedule and specific information on individual sessions here.

In our continuous pursuit of going green, there will not be a printed program book this year. Instead, in September you will be able to download the Convention app and have the most up-to-date information on all the exhibitors and educational sessions at your fingertips.

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